About Physiosolutions

Your One Stop Rehabilitation Clinic

A comprehensive therapy clinic that caters for all your health needs.

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24 / 7 service

Dorothy BoakyeAnsah

CEO & Founder


Why Choose us
why choose us

Why People Trust Physio solutions Treatment

A comprehensive therapy clinic that t caters for all your health needs.


Qualified Specialists

We have a staff of qualified personnel that are trained to provide the best care


Trusted Treatment

Physiosolutions has many types of treatment to relieve symptoms of all kinds of illness.


24/7 Services

Physiosolutions at your service 24×7 aims to provide the best services at our clinic


We Provide Medical Services.

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Our Services


We provide professional physical therapy services to guide you through your rehabilitation journey. Whether it be navigating through age-related motor development changes, sensory integration, or post or preoperative treatment.

Speech Therapy

Physio Solutions provides a highly qualified staff of Speech-Language Pathologists. Our speech therapy department is equipped to provide services across the age spectrum.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy professionals offer a full range of occupational therapy services. Whether you have a child needing assistance progressing through developmental milestones, or you are a person needing assistance in self-care.